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Specop sheep in Spain

I am very happy to see how my friends in Spain enjoy their purchases from last year.

NOW! Suffolks für Deutschland, Frankreich, Österreich Schweiz Ungarn, Rumänien, etc

Alle Scottish Typ Suffolks. Hohe Wachstumsraten und gut bemuskelt. Fabelhafte Fundamente. Kommerzielle typ und mehr show Typ Schafe. Wir haben sie alle.

Böcke und Mutterlämmer.

Direktimport aus Großbritannien.

Transport könnte arrangiert werden. Wir arbeiten nur mit zuverlässigen Lieferanten. Alle Schafe mit voller Stammbaum und höchsten Gesundheitsstatus

Presenting: Solwaybank Shadbagh (FHT:13:044)

Solwaybank Shadbagh  (FHT:13:044) bought for 8000 gns National sale Shrewsbury 2013

Solwaybank Shadbagh (FHT:13:044) bought for 8000 gns National sale Shrewsbury 2013


At the National Sale in Shrewsbury on saturday july 20th we bought FHT: 13 044, a son of Solwaybank Skyfall out of a dam by Cairness Castello and going back to Solwaybank Stylemaster. This one heads across the North Sea and is bought in partnership with some Dutch friends, Suffolk Siero, Escobedo Suffolks from Spain as the flock of my Italian friend Fabrizio Arena.

Godwick Suffolks are producing the type of rams farmers want

Suffolk breeder John Garner farms at Godwick Hall, near Kings Lynn in Norfolk.

John joined his father on the farm in 1954 and bought his first Suffolk ewes in 1960. He took over the management of the farm in 1962, and ten years later started breeding pedigree Suffolks, building up to 100 head. The flock has been involved with the Sire Reference Scheme since it started in 1989. John now has a flock of 40 pedigree Suffolk ewes.

Godwick Suffolks John uses the figures generated from performance recording as a marketing tool – if a customer likes the look of one of his rams he then uses Estimated Breeding Values (EBVs) to show he also has the potential to deliver lambs with economically important traits. He also finds indexes useful for demonstrating how good a ram is within his breed. One ram, Drinkstone Supersire 2004 has had a major influence on the flock over the years.

Flock management
On 12 August each year John’s 40 pedigree ewes are artificially inseminated using semen from four different rams. Any that do not conceive go to a Blue-faced Leicester ram for two cycles to produce ewes for the commercial flock. These are then crossed onto a Southdown ram to produce lambs that finish at grades around R3L.

“The beauty of AI is that I can select semen from particular sires to match certain individuals within the flock,” explains John. “It is good for recording purposes and breed planning”

Selection policy
All lambs are ultrasound scanned at around 21 weeks of age to accurately assess their muscle and fat depth. John looks for animals with good conformation, taking particular notice of their top line, loin, hindquarter and legs. He also looks at the Muscle and Fat Depth EBVs for each animal. Replacement ewe lambs are chosen based on this data and selection criteria. Ewe and ram lambs that fail to make the grade are finished and sold.

Customers starting to look for figures
John’s main customers are commercial producers with flocks of 750 or more ewes, who buy directly from the farm. He says they are often impressed by how quickly lambs produced by recorded sires grow and finish.

Shane Conway – Signet

Lambing 2013

Finally, I found some time to make a new post on this Blog. We had a good lambing so far. Very fine lambs out of Rhaeadr Ring a Ding, Ortum Fortnum, Ortum Starlight Express, Sitlow Stavanger, Ewebank Eurostorm, Ortum Nadal, Specop Sumo and ‘good old’ Bentley Jabulani. We will have many lambs, shearlings and ewes for sale in the coming months.


Carlisle Female sale to 8000 gns

Today’s production sale form Jimmy Douglas’ Cairness flock of Suffolks topped at 8000gns for a gimmer by Cairness Cylone. This one, 33H 11 101 is out of a dam by Muiresk King of Diamonds and goes back to the great breeding Muiresk Rainbow Quest. This ET sister to Cairness Custom sold in-lamb to Cairness Diamond Jubilee, a homebred tup lamb which Jimmy regards as one of the best he’s ever bred. She was claimed by Gary Beacom, Northern Ireland.

Following that in the Cairness run was a ewe by Cairness Achievement 33H N14. She is out of a dam by Whitestone Warrior and sold carrying lambs to Rhaeadr Roger Ramjet. Buying her was Gordon Troup, Aberdeenshire.

And at 2600gns Jimmy then sold another ewe, this time 33H L67, a Cairness Just the Best daughter out of a dam by Muiresk Zidane. In-lamb to Bailesy Streets Ahead and a full ET sister to Cairness Achievement, she was bought by E Williams, Yyns, Monmouthshire.

Then making 2100gns and selling to Sandy Fraser was a gimmer by Cairness Caius, 33H 11 016. This one is out of a dam by Cairness Coldplay and goes back to Muiresk Manat. She was sold in-lamb to Rhaeadr Roger Ramjet.

In the draft from Robbie Wilson’s Strathisla flock the top call was a bid of 4500gns for a gimmer by Strathisla Sea Bird, FNV 11 135. She is out of a dam by Strathisla Schumacher and is in-lamb to Rookery Rooney. Taking this one back across the water was Mark Priestley for the Limestone flock.

Another gimmer from Robbie then sold at 3000gns to the Soulsby family, with this one being FNV 11 077. Sired by Cairness Kaos she is out of a dam by Schumacher and was in-lamb to Forkins Figo.

At 2800gns came a bid from Messrs Wilson, Kelton, Castle Douglas for a gimmer by Glenhead Golden Phoenix and out of a dam by Strathisla Seabird. This one, FNV 11 117, is in-lamb to Strathisla Stifler.

Robbie then took 2600gns from Mark Priestley for a Sea Bird daughter out of a dam by Stathisla Speed which is ET sister to Schumacher. She is in-lamb to Stifler too.

Ross Lawrence then bid 2000gns for a Kaos daughter, FNV 11 052. She is out of a dam by Speed and was sold in-lamb to Forkins Figo.

Best from John Sinnett’s Stockton offering was a ewe lamb at 4000gns which sold to Jimmy Douglas. This one, 72H 12 1649, is by Conchar PR and out of a dam by Cairness Impact.

And topping Gordon Troup’s Whitestone draft was another heading back to Cairness. This was a gimmer, L25 11 006, by Cairness Liam and out of a Kings High and Mighty daughter. She sold in-lamb to Cairness Diamond Jubilee.

Averages: Cairness – 13 ewes £1190 and 32 gimmers £1038. Strathisla – seven ewes £769 and 21 gimmers £1524. Stockton – 12 ewe lambs £818. Whitestone – nine gimmers £940.

Conveth dispersal sale

By Jonathan Long: Taking the top call in today’s dispersal of the Conveth Suffolk flock for Charlie and Kevin Procter was a 2010-b0rn ewe by Cairness Achievement (lot 57), DHY N101. This ewe, sold in-lamb to Cairnton the Cracker, is out of a dam by Strathisla Schumacher and sold to Claude Van Wijnsberghe, Belgium.

Next best of the day at 5000gns was another heading across the Channel to Belgium, another 2010-born Achievement daughter. This was DYH N69 (lot 49), out of a dam by Cairness Save the Day and sold in-lamb to The Cracker too.

Following her at 4200gns was a gimmer by Achievement and out of a dam by Schumacher again. This one, DYH 11;122 (lot 72), also sold in-lamb to The Cracker and was knocked down to Messrs Davies, Wales.

And making 3800gns was DYH N42, another by Achievement and out of a Schumacher dam. She sold carrying to The Cracker and was again bought by Claude Van Wijnsberghe.

Best of the ewe lambs at 1500gns was DYH 12:090, a Whitestone Footprint daughter out of a Schumacher daughter.

Ardlea Dispersal

By Jonathan Long: Yesterday’s dispersal of Dan Tynan’s Ardlea flock of Suffolks, prompted by flock manager Pat Greaney’s impending move to the UK, saw prices hit a high of €6500gns for stock tup Burnview B52. This one, bred by Willie Tait, is by Cairness Liam and out of a dam by Baileys Invincible. He sold for export to Belgium with Claude Van Wijnsberghe.

Leading the female prices at €5000gns was a Forkins bred ewe by Cairness Kinane. This one, ADR L16, is out of a dam by Cairness Scholes and is dam of the flock’s top ram lamb at Kelso this time round which sold for £4800. She sold in-lamb to Burnview B52 and joined Steven Suffren.

Next best at €3800gns was another of the flock ewes, the dam of 90,000gns breed record holder Ardlea Arbennig. This was 33H L30, a daughter of Cairness Golddust out of a dam by Cairness Save The Day. Again in lamb to B52 she sold to Myfyr Evans, Rhaeadr, the purchaser of Arbennig.

Following her at €3500gns was the leading ewe lamb of the sale, PNS 12 028, a Whitestone Footprint daughter out of a dam by Strathisla Sea Bird. She sold to Norman Robinson.

And making €2900gns was a gimmer by Pexhill Real Lucky. This was PNS 11 024, out of a dam by Whitestone Warrior she sold in lamb to B52 and was claimed by Ashley Borthwick, Ayrshire.

Another gimmer then traded at €2500gns, with this one being PNS 11 011, a Baileys Bachus daughter out of a dam by Rhaeadr Rossi. She sold in-lamb to B52 and was bought by Martin Butler.

Recipients carrying embryos peaked at €1000gns when selling to Calude Van Wijnsberghe.

Best call in the productions sales also held on the same day was a €2500 sale from the Wilson family to Jim Gant, with one from Arthur O’Keefe at €2000 to Chris Holmes, Rookery. Full details on this to follow in due course.

Ardlea averages; 19 ewes €1500, 23 gimmers €1124, 21 ewe lambs €876, 13 recipients carrying embryos €724.

Kelso takes suffolks to 8000 gns

Today’s 175th staging of the Kelso tup sales is currently topping at £8000 for a Suffolk tup from Myfyr Evans’ Rhaeadr flock. Myfyr’s sale leader is a ram lamb by the 90,000gns Ardlea Arbennig out of a dam by Baileys Briagadier II. This one is twin to an 18,000gns lamb from Stirling earlier this year.

Taking a £4800 bid was a Suffolk from Dan Tynan’s Ardlea flock under the stewardship of Pat Greaney. This one is by Ardlea Alonso and out of a Forkins dam by Cairness K9.

Then at £4800 is a Texel from the Clark family’s Garngour flock. This one is by Garngour Rio and out of a dam by Courthill Lewis and sold to Paul Slater, Cheshire.

A pair have sold at £4000, with both of these being Suffolks. The first was another Ardlea Arbennig son from Myfyr Evans. This one is out of a dam by Thurston Calzage.

The other at this money was one from Robbie Wilson’s Strathisla flock. This is a son of 13,000gns sire Forkins Figo out of a 7200gns Lakeview dam. His brother sold at Stirling for 12,000gns.

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Stirling Sale report

The champion from yesterday’s pre-sale show at Stirling has led the trade this afternoon at 28,000gns. This was Robbie Wilson’s first lamb in, FNV 12:090, a son of Rookery Rooney and out of a dam by Lakeview Leeroy. He sold in a three way split to Geoff Biddulph, Pexhill, Chris and Sally Holmes, Rookery, and Iain and Judith Barbour, Solwaybank.

Next best at 20,000gns was one from George Stuart’s Birness flock, 1W 12:044 (lot 164), a son of Rhaeadr Giggsy out of a dam by Rhaeadr Flash Harry. This one was knocked down to Patrick Donnelly, Donrho.

At 18,000gns was Myfyr Evans’ last lamb in (lot 201). This son of Ardlea Arbennig, the 90,000gns breed record holder, is out of a dam by Baileys Brigadier the Second. He sold in a four way split, with equal shares in this lamb taken by Robbie Wilson, Strathisla, Mark Priestley, Limestone, Patrick Grant and the Suffern family.

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