Flock watch

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THIS year Farmers Guardian has teamed up with Novartis Animal Health in a special project to track two sheep farmers over the coming 12 months. In this, the first of our monthly features, JOANNE PUGH visits the two farms – one in the Dumfriesshire hills and the other in Exmoor National Park.

Read this month’s Flock Watch
Get to know more about the farmers involved in flock watch, and watch videos of Peter Delbridge and the Ryder brothers giving a tour of their farms.

View our video from Newton Farm, Dumfriesshire

View our video from Blindwell Farm, Exmoor National Park

On the last Friday of every month, Flock Watch will be re-visiting Peter Delbridge and the Ryder brothers to find out what they have been up to and what issues are currently affecting their sheep enterprises.Experts from Novartis Animal Health will be taking an in-depth look at the major health and management issues affecting the farms as the year progresses, offering help and advice that will apply to many sheep units across the country.Don’t miss February’s Flock Watch, which will focus on the rapidly approaching lambing period on both farms.

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