KELSO 2008: Texels the stars of the show at Kelso sales

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Texels the stars of the show at Kelso sales – Business

Published Date: 13 September 2008
By Andrew Arbuckle

THERE was a collective sigh of relief around the sale rings at Kelso yesterday as sellers found there was still a market for good sheep; as buyers found they could buy good tups at reasonable prices and the organisers confirming that they had successfully organised the biggest single-day sale of tups in the country.
Ron Wilson, the secretary of the Border Union Agricultural Society, who organise the event, speaking after the seven-hour sale, said he was delighted that the event had taken place.Overall, the sale grossed £1.978m with 4,324 rams sold at an ave
rage of £457.56There had been some 250 tups that had been vaccinated against bluetongue and another 1,000 which had been moved from England before the protection zones were extended to include Northumberland and Cumbria.The weather had also caused problems and two consigners from the Bowmont valley had been forced to swim their sheep across the river in order to get to the sale.The Kelso sales are very much an opportunity for commercial buyers to choose their sires as there were no less than 16 sale rings operating. More than a dozen breeds were there in numbers and this year there was an increased number of cross-breeds. The bragging rights as top breed of the day went to the Texels as they had both the top and second-top price of the day and backed that up with a string of four-figure deals. The top deal saw a £8,000 bid for a Texel shearling, Teiglum Nightlife, from the Clark family, Carngour, Lesmahagow. It went to joint buyers and fellow pedigree breeders, Ian Murray, Wrangham East, Northumberland, and Ronnie Sym, Collerton, Milbourne, Newcastle.Father and son team John and Richard Wood, of Kingledores, Biggar, made a shrewd purchase, when they paid 300 guineas for a ram lamb called Ellen Valley Nightrider at Lanark last year. Yesterday Nightrider was bid to £7,000 before being knocked down to Northern Irish breeder, Elizabeth McAllister, of Park Road, Ballymena.Father and son team Alex and Russell Gray, Langside, Lanark, put on a stunning show with a number of top Texel tups coming into the ring. All their top sales were by the same sire, Claybury Midlander, which was bought for 4000 guineas jointly by Langside, Scrogtonhead and Midlock. Their top sale went at £5,000, another at £4,800, with another two at £2,800.Top of the Suffolk trade was a £5,000 bid for a ram lamb from Judith Barbour, Solwaybank flock. The buyer was Nathan Tiffin, who had come up from Skipton to make the purchase.Next best was noted pedigree breeder Robbie Wilson, North Dorlaithers, Turriff, selling a ram lamb at £4,500.The third-top priced Suffolk came from veteran breeder, Jimmy Douglas, Cairness, Turriff, selling at £4,000 to Gordon, Troup, Shaggart of Sauchen.Malcolm Stewart, of Brotherstone Melrose, attracted a huge ringside audience with his 80 shearlings sold under the Sandyknowe prefix. His top price was £3,000 sold to Hans Porksen, Northumberland.Bluefaced Leicesters normally have a good trade at Kelso and yesterday was no exception. While the overall sale was adversely affected by bluetongue disease, there was a view that the Blue breed had benefited from the reduced cross-Border trade.John Snaith, of Clennel, Morpeth, took the top trade in the breed with a £6,600 bid for a shearling that went to Professor Penny, Harehead, Duns and Rory Bell, Teviot, Jedburgh.Another top “Blue” pen came from Andrew Warnock, Dreva, Biggar, with an average of £1,857 for seven sold. His top sale was a £3,600 bid for a shearling with Obie Sharp, Longcroft, Lauder winning the bidding battle.A small entry of Border Leicesters were topped with a £1,800 bid for the best from David Walker, Laigh Alticane, Girvan.

Texels the stars of the show at Kelso sales – Business

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