Elite breeding shines through in March/April lambing flock

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I came up with a very interesting ram to establish new bloodlines in my performance breeding.  Here you find some information collected on the Signet website.

Kersey Rising Star (C41:11:084) by Kersey Nutcracker

April born, “Kersey Rising Star” shows that the best Suffolk genetics will shine through in any environment – with this late born lamb achieving EBVs in the Top 1% of the breed in Signet’s latest National Suffolk Breeding Evaluation. A leaflet of Rising Star can be downloaded here.

The Kersey flock, established in 1927, has always used the latest performance recording technology to take the flock forward – including the use of CT scanning to identify elite breeding lines. See images at the bottom of the article.

Driven by customer demand, the flock moved to a March lambing system in 2004 and focussed on shearling production. Breeder Chris Partridge says “Lambs are now tested on a more forage based diet and can be grown more slowly to produce shearlings that keep their body condition better and are quick to adjust to their work under commercial conditions.”

This change in flock management has not slowed down rates of genetic gain. In the last 10 years the flock has increased the genetic potential of the lamb crop by over 5kg and made significant increases to muscling across the loin. The average Kersey lamb has an index of £3.96 (Top 5% of the breed).

Data from the Kersey flock clearly shows that lambs don’t need to be pushed on high levels of feed to express their genetic potential and shine through in Signet’s recording system.

Kersey Rising Star has been used as a ram lamb, all of the ewes he was put to are in-lamb and the first progeny were born last March. Semen from Rising Star is now available.

For more information contact Chris Partridge Tel 01787 210859 Email: thecovey@kerseylivestock.co.uk

CT Measure of Loin for Kersey Rising Star

CT Measure of Loin for Kersey Rising Star

CT Measure of Gigot for Kersey Rising Star

CT Measure of Gigot for Kersey Rising Star

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