Pedigree Sheep Ireland

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Vond deze site van een Ierse fokker van Hardy, easier Care Suffolks:

Chapelizod Suffolks, Flock HLT, est. 1993

Suffolks are the fastest growing of the Terminal sire breeds, however the pursuit of fashionable show ring traits by some has seen it lose ground to other breeds in recent years.

At Chapelizod the focus has been to try to breed Suffolks for the commercial farmer. The focus is on increasing carcass conformation and production from Grass with minimum concentrate feeding. Excessive bone can be detrimental to ease of lambing and lamb survival at the expense of Kill Out percentage (K.O.%).

Flock improvement is our goal with our Suffolk Rams

Hardy, Easier Care Suffolks

Careful selective culling, selecting for muscle depth and growth rate and running the flock on commercial management lines (i.e. grass only diet for suckling ewes) and selecting for Hardy Easier-Care Suffolks has resulted in great success for the Chapelizod Suffolk Flock:

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