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Afgeblazen: World Suffolk tour of New Zealand 2009

Onderstaand bericht ontving ik vandaag over het World Suffolk Congress. Het evenement gaat niet door hlaas. Het wordt nu samengevoegd met het Wrld Sheep and Wool Congress in Australie in 2010.

Dear Patrick
Thank you for registering an interest in joining the planned World Suffolk tour of New Zealand in October/November 2009.
Although there were several people who registered an interest in attending, it is with much regret that a decision has been made not to proceed with the tour.
As you may be aware, the World Sheep and Wool Congress will take place in Sydney in April 2010. The NZ Sheep Breeders Association felt this event would have an impact on the numbers attending the World Suffolk Tour and instead, have chosen to work with the Congress organisers in offering a pre Conference technical tour of New Zealand. This tour will include visits to Suffolk breeders in both Islands.
We will keep you informed of arrangements once more details are known.
I apologise for any inconvenience, but hope to meet you in 2010.
Arthur BlakelyOrganising Committee