Calf Staller

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Calf Staller: een handige hulpje

Een Iers bedrijf heeft onlangs dit product geïntroduceerd. het lijkt mij erg handig in de lammertijd. Je zet de ooi eenvoudig vast. Ze kan haar kop nog wel op en neer bewegen. Een groot voordeel ten opzichte van het vastzetten van de kop omdat ze dan vaak zichzelf half ophangt. Je kan dit apparaat nu ook gebruiken om een lam dat niet geaccepteerd wordt te laten drinken en aanwennen.

Een video is hier te vinden.

This product is designed to ease the management associated with the rearing of young calves and sheep herd management especially in regard to complications associated with the lambing of ewes and the fostering of lambs. The calves and sheep can be easily head stalled in this gate hung mechanism.

This product was produced to minimise the effort and labour needed to dehorn and tag calves. It is light weight, mobile and adaptable to hang on any gate. It is labour efficient as it eliminates the need for a second person, which is generally needed to carry the original dehorning crate.

It prevents back problems which are traditionally associated with holding the calf between ones’ knees.

The calf when stalled can also be tagged, fed or injected at ease.

Lambing time is the harvest season in the sheep business for most producers.

The Staller is manufactured to make this job easier. with the staller the ewe can be stalled at her ease which leaves the farmer with two hands free to examine and lamb the ewe with as little stress as possible on both the farmer and the ewe.

With the ewe stalled it is also alot easier to get a ewe to foster an orphaned lamb or a lamb of her own which she has rejected as the ewe can be held stalled and fed and watered in this stalled position.

The staller is adjustable to any gate indoor or outdoor. A bracket is also
available to attach onto the back of any quad so that all these jobs can be done in the field generating less s