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CT scanning boost flock quality

Lamb in an MRI scanner

Researchers say the process is just speeding up natural selection

Putting a live sheep into a CT scanner looks ungainly, even slightly comical, but the science behind it has serious implications for Britain’s national flock.

One by one they are mildly sedated and then strapped to a gurney, complete with head cushion for comfort.

Once loaded on to the machine itself, a slow conveyor takes them through the large white, donut-shaped scanner.

This is not happening because the animal is hurt or injured, in fact the Charollais ram is in tip top condition and his owner wants more like him.

Dr Kevin Sinclair, a professor in developmental biology at The University of Nottingham, is helping farmers pick the best of the best to breed better quality meat into their flocks.

He says: “One argument for lamb becoming less popular as a meat is because people complain about it being too fatty. Read More …