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New Stars at Specop

At the Kelso ram sales last friday (13/9/2013) we bought two new rams:

The first is the most impressive first lamb of the Solwaybank pen:

Solwaybank FHT-13-59

FHT 13:059 sired by Rhaeadr Rastafari. DAM JOD K17 sired by Meikleson Impression.
Full brother sold to John McKay for £1800 at a previous Kelso sale.

The second lamb we bought is a son of the 90.000 gns breed record ram Ardlea Arbenning. This Rhaeadr lamb is March born out of a very good Rhaeadr Rossie daughter A12:J122.

Presenting: Solwaybank Shadbagh (FHT:13:044)

Solwaybank Shadbagh  (FHT:13:044) bought for 8000 gns National sale Shrewsbury 2013

Solwaybank Shadbagh (FHT:13:044) bought for 8000 gns National sale Shrewsbury 2013


At the National Sale in Shrewsbury on saturday july 20th we bought FHT: 13 044, a son of Solwaybank Skyfall out of a dam by Cairness Castello and going back to Solwaybank Stylemaster. This one heads across the North Sea and is bought in partnership with some Dutch friends, Suffolk Siero, Escobedo Suffolks from Spain as the flock of my Italian friend Fabrizio Arena.

Update of the lambs 2013

Some video’s shot last week of my lambs:

Lambing 2013

Finally, I found some time to make a new post on this Blog. We had a good lambing so far. Very fine lambs out of Rhaeadr Ring a Ding, Ortum Fortnum, Ortum Starlight Express, Sitlow Stavanger, Ewebank Eurostorm, Ortum Nadal, Specop Sumo and ‘good old’ Bentley Jabulani. We will have many lambs, shearlings and ewes for sale in the coming months.


Update lambs

This weekend I shot a new video of our lamb crop 2012. At this moment around 130 lambs are born. They are by our rams Sitlow Strongbow (red tags), Bentley Jabulani (purple tags), Sitlow Sidekick (blue tags), Ewebank Eurostorm (pink tags) and good old Ortum Key to Succes (yellow tags).

Lambing 2012

Lambing season 2012 started at Christmas 2011. Approximately 145 ewes should lamb in the next comming weeks. They are getting ready as you can see! All the ewes are at our farm Mattemburgh.

First batch of lambs:

The ewes:

Specop ewelambs in Spain

Today I found on Facebook an update of how my ewelambs (exported in june 2011) have grown out in Spain. They seem to enjoy themselves! Many thanks for the photo’s Andres!

Two new stockrams (Kelso 2011)

At the recent sale in Kelso we bought two new rams for our Specop and Mattemburgh.

We are very happy to add Drinkstone Top Muscle 2010 to our team. He is the third highest index stock ram in the breed with an index of 5.84 and a muscle depth of 6.9. He was by far the highest index ram sold at Kelso.

As a lamb he was CT scanned with a impressing eyemuscle as well in depth as width.

We were also very lucky to buy a very smart lamb by Strathisla Sinatra from the Sitlow flock of Steve Buckley. He is 45Z:11:057 out of a Didcot Dynamic sired ewe.

Strathisla Sinatra (FNV:A2) sold 3.800 gns

Specop Contador in Spain

Specop Contador was sold to Spain a few months ago. He is doing well according to the weblog of his new owner!



En estas imágenes les mostramos el nuevo semental adquirido para nuestro rebaño. Se trata de uno de los hijos de Cairness Carbon nacido en 2011.

Ewebank Eurostorm is here!

Today our new ram Ewebank Eurostorm arrived at our farm. I am quite pleased with him. Let’s hope he brings us some good lambs.