Two new stockrams (Kelso 2011)

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At the recent sale in Kelso we bought two new rams for our Specop and Mattemburgh.

We are very happy to add Drinkstone Top Muscle 2010 to our team. He is the third highest index stock ram in the breed with an index of 5.84 and a muscle depth of 6.9. He was by far the highest index ram sold at Kelso.

As a lamb he was CT scanned with a impressing eyemuscle as well in depth as width.

We were also very lucky to buy a very smart lamb by Strathisla Sinatra from the Sitlow flock of Steve Buckley. He is 45Z:11:057 out of a Didcot Dynamic sired ewe.

Strathisla Sinatra (FNV:A2) sold 3.800 gns

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